Firefly x CloudTen Firefly 2 Hard Case

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Never worry about transporting your Firefly 2 thanks to the Firefly 2 Hard Case from CloudTen. A padded interior absorbs impact and is designed to perfectly hold your Firefly 2 and accessories preventing shock damage to internal components. The solid silicone insert and durable, heavy duty latches keep all scents and odors contained within the Firefly 2 Hard Case making for added discretion when traveling. There are compartments designed to house your Firefly 2 charger, cleaning tools, extra battery, grinder, and dry herb canister to ensure you’re fully prepared for your next session.


Measuring 9.0" x 5.5" x 2.5", the Firefly 2 Hard Case is perfect for travel as it will fit easily inside of any bag or storage area. A built-in area to attach a lanyard or carabiner is included to add versatility when traveling. The solid black design is discreet and allows the Firefly 2 Hard Case to be carried by hand without drawing extra attention.


CloudTen lined the inside of the Firefly 2 Hard Case with a solid silicone base paired with a dense rim liner to securely keep smells confined to the inside of the case. Heavy duty latches keep the lid firmly held against the silicone. Airtight screw valves are included to adjust the pressure of the Firefly 2 Hard Case.

In the Box:

  • 1x Firefly 2 Hard Case
  • 1x Dry Herb Canister

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