Famous X Bell Dab Rig

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The 6-inch tall uniquely shaped Famous X Bell Dab Rig by Famous Brandz is a part of the brand's new collection of scientific-style dab rigs. Each piece, like the Bell, comes in a practical box that's perfect for travel.

The Bell Dab Rig is handblown using clear borosilicate glass to make it both sturdy and durable. This small rig is outfitted with a showerhead percolator to provide extra filtration, so your rips are super smooth.  The 14.5 mm female joint easily fits with the included 14.5 mm male quartz banger. The banger's quartz material retains heat well, so you can enjoy longer seshes without having to constantly reload the nail. 

This clear glass banger looks amazing with a black Famous Brandz star logo. This is an incredible little rig that never fails to deliver big smooth rips of flavor. 

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