Famous Designs "Surrender" Taster Hand Pipe

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The Surrender Taster features a unique design and handheld design that makes a great addition to any glass collection. This pipes pairs perfectly with the Famous Designs Surrender water pipe, rolling tray and vaporizer. A perfect personal pipe to take with you on-the-go; Surrender is a minimalistic black pipe with a golden honey drip star design and is the ideal piece for a sleek and stunning pipe. This simple, yet eye-catching 3” taster pipe is easy to clean and maintain. It features a deep bowl and left side carb for a simple and straightforward hit.

  • Pocket Sized Glass Hand Pipe
  • Pairs with Surrender Water Pipe, Rolling Tray and Vaporizer
  • Honey Drip "Surrender" Design
  • Deep Bowl
  • Side Carb
  • Famous Designs Decal
  • Length: 3"

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