Famous Brandz "Surrender" 10" Straight Tube Dab Rig

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The honey-colored Surrender 10" dab rig is part of the Famous Glass collection of water pipes released by Famous Brandz. This beautiful piece features Famous Brandz's signature star and a sweet 3D drip pattern on the wide straight tube.

This beautiful rig is handcrafted from 5mm thick borosilicate glass to make it durable and travel-friendly. Just load the included 14mm quartz banger with your favorite concentrate, torch it up, and enjoy watching the smoke build up in the chamber before you take a rip. The banger curves away from the rig, providing you with easier access and to keep the heat away from the body. 

You'll surrender to the sweetness of the smooth rips this rig provides thanks to its removable slitted downstem that diffuses and cools the smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece. There are ice notches built into the body so you can drop in a few cubes for those times you want frosty hits. 

This sweet-as-honey rig has striking black accents on the mouthpiece and the thick round base to set this piece apart. The Surrender comes packaged in a collector's edition gift box. It doesn't get any sweeter than this! Get yours while supplies last.

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