Famous Brandz Limited Edition Genius Pipe

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There are a lot of geniuses out there. Albert Einstein. Nina Simone. Jerald Chair (the inventor of the Jerry Chair). But there's only one you can smoke weed out of. 

The Genius Pipe took the world by storm, reinventing everything that a pipe can be and utilizing its three-layer design to create a powerful pipe sandwich.

But they just couldn't stop at one genius idea that changed they world. They had to do another one. Then, they couldn't stop at that one either. And so forth. The most recent is collaborating with Famous Brandz to create a dope as fuck gaggle of limited edition Genius Pipes, each more breathtaking than the last. 

Look up. These particular designs draw from inspiration right there. In the great beyond. Not the ceiling, further beyond than that. Space. 

And what better way to blast off and explore the nether realm than with your favorite strain of dry herb and some drip?

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