Famous Brandz Jimi Rainbow Haze Grinder

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This one is for the rock stars. Famous Brandz made a durable aluminum grinder worthy of the legend that is Jimi Hendrix. This 4-piece masterpiece has everything you could ever want from a quality grinder. On the top you'll find a lid decorated with the iconic Purple Haze art that makes that satisfying KLAK signed when closed and secured.

It sports sharp grinding teeth that will turn your dry herbs into a fluffy grind. Beneath you'll find a sifting screen that will filter that valuable kief and store it in the bottom compartment. Famous Brandz even included a pollen scraper that resembles a guitar pick. Wicked! This small and robust grinder is easily pocketable for when you need it to accompany you outdoors. And yet it sacrifices nothing despite the compact form factor. 

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