Famous Brandz Glass Beaker Ice Bong - Space

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The Space is a simple yet elegant beaker-style ice bong by Famous Brandz. It's one of several handmade artistic bongs by this brand showcasing a futuristic design. The Space bong is made of clear borosilicate glass that's adorned with a cool minimalistic geometric print. The black color accents on the mouthpiece and bowl handle add a sleek and finished look to this well-built bong.

This solid 12-inch tall bong has an 18.8mm female joint and comes with an inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser. When you fire up your herbs in the 14.5mm male herb bowl and take a hit, the slits in the submerged downstem will filter the smoke before it moves up the straight tube to your awaiting lips on the flared mouthpiece. You'll enjoy a smooth, water-filtered hit that's easy on your throat and lungs. 

When you want more filtration and cooling, drop a few ice cubes into the bong so the ice-catcher can do its job. As the smoke comes in contact with the ice, it will smooth and cool for a more refreshing rip. The Space is delivered in a matching custom box that's perfect for storage or travel. 

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