Famous Brandz "Fabric" Designed Glass Beaker Bong

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The FABRIC is a stylish 12-inch water pipe from Famous Brandz's Famous Glass collection that reinvents the basic camouflage pattern.

This beautiful bong features a topographic map pattern in a cool blue color palette for a sleek, modern look. It's got an eye-catching matching blue star design on the bottom of the beaker base. There are black accents on the bowl handle and mouthpiece rim for a great overall, finished look. 

The dazzling FABRIC is handcrafted using premium 4mm thick borosilicate glass that's durable and heat-resistant. It's fitted with a 18.8mm joint and comes with a removable slitted downstem for optimal smoke diffusion. This beautiful beaker bong delivers nothing but smooth and tasty hits every time you use it. 

The solid and durable FABRIC comes with a 14.5mm male thick quartz herb bowl with handle. There's a splashguard built into the tube that can be used as an ice rest when you want frosty rips.

The FABRIC is packaged in a collector's edition gift box.  Grab yours while supplies last.

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