Eyce Oil Rig 2.0 - Bulk 9 Pack

  • $499.99
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A new and improved version of its bestselling predecessor, the Eyce Oil Rig 2.0 is an even better solution for those who need a durable and travel-friendly rig.

The rig features a new 10 mm glass collar with a matching titanium nail. The glass collar helps to retain the heat from the nail but also prevents heat to reach the surrounding silicone. 

The rig itself is made with platinum-cured silicone and has a  removable chamber cap for easier handling and several slots for your tools and a 10 mm carb cap. The rig also has a hidden container for your concentrates and comes with a stainless steel dabbing tool. 

The Eyce 2.0 rig comes in a set of 9 in a variety of cool color combinations. Each pipe stands 5 inches tall and is backed with a lifetime warranty. 

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