Eyce Hammer Bubbler

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The Eyce Hammer pairs up platinum-cured silicone with borosilicate glass to deliver an unrivaled and virtually indestructible smoking experience. This awesome portable bubbler takes your dry herb enjoyment to a whole new level. 

Perfect for on-the-go use, the lightweight Eyce Hammer features a hidden stash jar for your smoking materials and a built-in steel poker/packer tool to help clear the bowl. The rubber-like silicone body makes this pipe easy to grip. 

The Eyce Hammer features a removable borosilicate glass bowl that's super easy to fill and clean. If you want your hits to be frosty smooth, fill the Eyce Hammer with water and stick it in the freezer before use. There's even a carb hole on the side for clearing the pipe of smoke when you’ve had your fill.

This is the perfect travel bubbler for the beach, camping, concerts, festivals, or anywhere you go. It's a rugged silicone pipe you can't break even if you wanted to! Pick your favorite color from the many awesome options. 

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