Eyce 10mm Glass Collar

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The Glass Collar from Eyce is the perfect add-on accessory for your Eyce Bubbler or Eyce Spoon. With just a snap you can add this 10mm glass collar to your Eyce piece and instantly convert it into a dab rig for use with concentrates and extracts. For the complete Eyce Dab Rig experience with your Bubbler or Spoon, don't forget to add on the Eyce 10mm Nail as well!

  • Authentic Eyce Product
  • Compatible with Eyce Hammer Bubbler and Eyce Spoon
  • Instantly Converts for Use with 10mm Nail
  • Pair with 10mm Eyce Nail for the Perfect Dabbing Experience

NOTE: Eyce Bubbler, Eyce Spoon and Eyce Nail sold separately.

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