Evolution Super Cell Straight Hybrid Dab Rig with Tire Perc

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The stunning 9.5-inch tall Super Cell Straight Hybrid is a powerful dab rig by Evolution that's locked, loaded, and ready to deliver big smooth rips of your favorite materials. This dual-purpose rig is made of high-quality boro glass. It has a 14.5mm male joint and comes with both a female 14.5mm quartz banger and a female 14.mm handled glass herb bowl. 

The star of the show is the slitted tire percolator. The perc's numerous slits divide the smoke and spread it out into the water, creating an unbelievable amount of bubbles, which is not only fun to watch but cools down the smoke significantly, for a gentle hit packed with flavor.

This hybrid rig has everything you need and more to achieve the maximum level of enjoyment of your waxes, herbs, and oils including a reinforced fixed downstem, a slightly flared mouthpiece, and a 14.5mm female vapor dome with handles.

This hefty clear glass rig is supported by a stable round foot and features color accents on the mouthpiece, foot, perc, and vapor dome. There's an Evolution decal on the backside of the rig for an added touch of class. 

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