Evolution Morning Glory Sidecar Dab Rig

  • $119.99
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You'll look at the photos and ask yourself - what in the seven hells is this? Our answer: portable dabbing perfection from the genius minds at Evolution. The Morning Glory Sidecar Dab Rig has everything a serious dabber could ever ask for. The whole thing is made entirely out of high-quality borosilicate glass and sports a metric ton of goodies.

Before we tell you what those goodies are, let's get the obvious out of the way: yes, everything comes apart and cleans easily.

Now, let's start counting: a slitted inline diffuser, a vapor dome, a quartz nail and banger, a herb bowl, and a slitted splash guard. We won't even mention the incredibly awesome sidecar mouthpiece. Except we just did. This incredible smoking kit is a real killer and you'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal for any smoking accessory out there.

This 6-inch gorgeousness is decorated with colorful accents throughout and also available in various colors. Incredible piece of engineering worthy of any serious glass collector. 

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