Evolution Halo Dab Rig - Showerhead Diffuser

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 This compact oil rig by Evolution may be only 6.75-inches tall but it delivers big flavorful hits that are smooth and cool. Made of thick and sturdy high-quality borosilicate glass, this is a robust rig that's supported by a stable round foot. The rig's slightly bent mouthpiece makes it comfortable to use and the showerhead diffuser inside filters and smooths the smoke for gentle, harsh-free hits. 

You can use this 14.5mm male-jointed rig to enjoy your dry herbs too because it comes with a handled 14.5mm glass herb bowl.  Also included are a 14.5mm vapor dome and a 14.5mm female quartz nail to offer you all kinds of versatility! It's the perfect piece to use when chillin' on the couch at home and easy to pack in your backpack so you can take it along on your travels as well! 

The Halo Dab Rig has colored accents on the rim of the mouthpiece, the foot, reinforced fixed downstem, showerhead diffuser, and vapor dome to make this small piece really stand out. The golden Evolution decal on the rig's body adds a nice touch of class. 

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