Evolution Double Honeybine Tornado Dab Rig

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One of the most stylish dab rigs ever. The Double Honeybine Tornado from Evolution is a whopping 12.25 inches tall. It's made entirely out of high-quality borosilicate glass and decorated with colorful accents throughout.

The Double Honeybine Tornado is equipped with a honeycomb percolator, 2 turbine disc percolators, a vapor dome, and a quartz nail. It will blaze through your concentrates easily and efficiently while thoroughly cooling and filtering your smoke, allowing you to enjoy some monster rips of pure, unaltered flavor.

The classy nature of this beast is further shown with the sidecar mouthpiece and the thick, stable round foot. It's available in a selection of colors and comes in a luxurious package. A definite treat for the modern concentrate lover!

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