Evolution Double Honeybine Tornado Dab Rig

  • $119.99
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The Double Honeybine Tornado is a massive dab rig built with extreme percolation in mind. And you know what that means. Lots of bubbles, massive rips of pure, filtered flavor, and milking it for all its worth and glory. It's made entirely out of quality borosilicate glass and decorated with colored accents throughout. On the inside, you'll find two turbine disc percolators that will help you enjoy your concentrates like never before.

On the outside, you'll find a vapor dome, a quartz nail, and a lovely sidecar mouthpiece. These are ingeniously designed and work together like an orchestra. Safe, comfortable, intuitive. Everything is kept stable by the thick round base. The Tornado comes in a luxurious box that tells only half its story. This 12.25 inches tall behemoth is a dab rig made for those that demand performance without sacrifices. 

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