Evolution Diamond Dust Hybrid Dab Rig

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Calls us suckers when we fall for amazing design all you want. We don't really care. Especially when fantastic visuals are combined with heavy-duty performance and genius engineering. This 8-inch compact hybrid dab rig from Evolution combines all of those elements and then some. It's made from high quality borosilicate glass and decorated with boldly colored accents throughout. It will allow you to enjoy your favorite dry herbs as well as concentrates. It sports quite a few goodies and brilliant design decisions.

The rig sports a showerhead percolator that will filter your smoke and create tons of fun bubbles, guaranteeing smooth, giant rips of pure flavor. It comes with a vapor dome, a quartz nail, a quartz banger, and a herb bowl. The slightly bent neck provides protection from splashes and adds to overall comfort. This outstanding hybrid piece is available in 8 color accent variants. 

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