Envy Glass "Elysium" Electroformed Heady Dab Rig

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What happens when we die? "Elysium" is the Greek mythological concept of the afterlife: a blessed dwelling, or abode, after death. 

When the synapses inside your mind that create this grand illusion of life stop firing, one can only hope the reward for enduring a grueling sentience capable of such pain includes a touch of the beauty present in this Envy Glass Heady Rig.

Custom made to order, this breathtaking piece showcases stunning nuances of beauty with every iteration. Handcrafted in California and handblown by skilled artisans, the piece utilizes a technique called "electroforming."

In a very general sense, electroforming is the process of using an electric charge through water to deposit metal onto another conductive surface. There are many nuances to how this can be done, but as you can see for yourself, there results are stunning.

Since each Envy piece is made to order, this rig will be made for specifically for-- and no two will be the same. The crown jewel of your collection is waiting to be born.

Note: This product is MADE TO ORDER.

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