Envy Glass "Cretaceous" Heady Electroformed Dab Rig

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Take home your very own custom made to order work of art with a heady glass piece from Envy Glass, hand blown and hand made in the USA.

The Cretaceous is a spellbinding piece that takes your breath away at first and utilizes a technology in its craftsmanship called "electroforming."

Electroforming is an intricate and fascinating metal forming process that can be used to produce jaw-dropping results such as the ones seen here in this rig. The process itself is complex, but so is the beauty of the final product.

In a very general sense, electroforming is the process of using an electric charge through water to deposit metal onto another conductive surface. There are many nuances to how this can be done, but as you can see for yourself, there results are stunning.

The Cretaceous rig utilizes this technique to produce textures and shapes reminiscent of a primordial era. It's a piece that feels unstuck in time; like a ball of metal that was sent hurtling from the big bang all the way to the death of the universe, picking up bits and pieces of debris as it went. 

Since each Envy piece is made to order, this rig will be made for specifically for-- and no two will be the same. The crown jewel of your collection is waiting to be born. 

Note: This product is MADE TO ORDER. 

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