Envy Glass "Arrowhead" Heady Dab Rig

  • $1,700.00
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Like an archer charging valiantly into battle, the "Arrowhead" Heady Dab Rig by Envy Glass is a formidable adversary. The piece is shrouded in crystals, resembling a geode that's just been cracked open to reveal a dazzling display after being hidden in a cave since the beginning of time. 

Heady glass pieces by Envy Glass are truly one in a million. That's because each piece is made to order, meaning that as soon as you place one, the work begins crafting it from scratch specifically for you. 

The piece you receive will be custom made by skilled artisans passionate about the art of glassmaking and imparting that care throughout every inch of the rig.

Note: This product is MADE TO ORDER. 

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