Envy Glass "Ammonite" Heady Dab Rig

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Every collection needs its prized possession. The crème de la crème. The piece you end your tour with after saying, "Just wait 'till you see this." We're not saying for sure this is that piece. All we're saying is... well, just take a look.

The made-to-order heady dab rig by Envy Glass is dubbed "Ammonite" after the eponymous group of extinct marine mollusks. The ancient guardians of the primordial sea braved a young and unfamiliar world. Their iconic spiral shells spelled the blueprint of existence. Some theorize a connection between the spiral, the golden ratio, and the fabric tying together all of existence. That's out of our wheelhouse, we're just a bong shop.

But we can say that the real key to this piece's allure comes from a process called "electroforming." Envy Glass makes each piece to order, meaning that your rig is made for you alone. Hand crafted by skilled artisans who combine artistic innovation and precise functionality, your prized possession just might be waiting to be born.

Note: This product is MADE TO ORDER. 

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