Empire Glassworks UV Nano Rig - Avenge the Arctic

  • $189.99
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Looking for your next favorite rig? Stop right there. The Empire Glassworks has already made the perfect piece and it’s named Avenge the Arctic.

This 7-inch beauty is really special. If you take a good look at it you will appreciate how much love went into designing this piece. The decorations inside of it are just unbelievable - you will actually be accompanied by an icecap, a polar bear, penguins, and a swimming orca. And the cool things don’t stop there.

This piece is actually UV reactive so it will blow you away in the right conditions. It’s made from high-quality borosilicate glass and the build quality is something you’d expect from Empire - top notch. This piece comes without a herb slide and those are sold separately. The rig has a 14.5mm female adapter so plan accordingly!

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