Empire Glassworks Dry Pipe - Skrimp Handroll

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The Skrimp Handroll 6-inch long glass pipe by Empire Glassworks looks good enough to eat. But don't do that. This sushi-themed piece of gorgeous worked glass is made for enjoying your favorite dry herbs.

This handcrafted pipe is formed from textured borosilicate glass. It's a highly detailed piece with the rich dark green colors of seaweed wrap with the classic fillings of red & white shrimp, green avocado & cucumber strips, and roe, all rising from the rice "filling." 

This spoon-style glass pipe has a deep bowl for hearty packs of flower and it's shaped just right to fit perfectly in your hand. There's a carb hole on the left side for airflow control. The pipe features an Empire Glassworks logo on the flattened bottom. 

Perfect for sushi lovers, sushi night, or any occasion that calls for something a bit different, this pipe is deliciously wonderful! 

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