Dr. Grind Aluminum Swing Tray Grinder

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The Aluminum Swing Tray Grinder from Dr. Grind is unlike other herb grinders on the market today. This unit features a 2-part design with NO THREADS, and it is incredibly fast and easy to use. The grinder's over-sized lid gives you a great grip and offers more force to make easy work of grinding your herbs wherever you may be. 

Both the flower and kief tray swing out on this 2.4 inch tall durable grinder that features  aerospace-grade aluminum construction. The two pieces are held together with premium N52 magnets so you'll never drop a chamber again.

This grinder has a 3.5-gram flower capacity and comes with an individual serial number to ensure you're getting an authentic product make with passion and skill. The Swing Tray Grinder is an awesome accessory that makes easy work of shredding your favorite flower into the perfect consistency for rolling or packing into bowls. 

The Swing Tray Grinder is available in seven fun colors. It's perfectly portable for on-the-go use and makes the ideal gift for any stoner friend. 

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