Dr. Greenthumb's x Stündenglass Gravity Infuser

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Dr. Greenthumb's Stündenglass Gravity Infuser is a sophisticated and elegantly designed glass bong/hookah pipe that uses the force of gravity to provide you with the ultimate smoking experience. 

The Gravity Infuser is unlike any bong you’ve ever seen. This glass water pipe rotates on a 360° axis, using kinetic motion activation. Cascading water, gravity, and opposing airflow technology help deliver a constant outburst of smooth, cooled smoke. When you give this awesome piece a try, you’ll love watching the magic happen! 

Crafted from boro glass and anodized aluminum, the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser offers an unparalleled smoking experience. It comes with an aluminum hookah bowl for enjoying shisha and a glass bowl for conventional smoking. It can even connect to any vaporizer with a 14.5mm joint, making it a super versatile smoking companion.

Included is a 3-foot long silicone hose for a comfortable and enjoyable hookah experience. The adjustable mouthpiece allows for contactless inhaling when you’re enjoying your favorite dry herbs. 

Instead of having to use a shared mouthpiece like every other glass water pipe, the Dr. Geenthumb's Stündenglass pushes the smoke out for you using gravity. There's no battery or motor to deal with either - just a simple 180° rotation that uses gravity to light your material. 

When the boro glass chamber is filled with smoke, rotate it 180° so the smooth flow of smoke pours out of the mouthpiece or hookah hose attachment. How potent and strong your smoke is depends on how far you choose to flip the unit over, using gravity to control the ignition of the materials you're enjoying and the output of the smoke. 

You can enjoy the full power of gravity with a full chamber of smoke, or pause it to share with friends by turning the chamber parallel to your tabletop. When you use this ultra-modern bong, no mouth-to-mouthpiece contact is necessary whatsoever, making it ideal for today’s social distancing requirements. 

The Dr. Greenthumb Stündenglass Gravity Infuser features a patented design and comes packaged in a reusable box with a handle for safe storage and transportation. Futuristic in design, super durable, and superbly functional, this gravity hookah bong is in a class all its own.

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