Dopezilla Minilla Straight Mini Rig Ice Bong

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Dopezilla really deserves its name - the brand constantly delivers dope things. Take a look at this bong for example, a proper beast for such a tiny piece.

The bong measures like a standard spoon pipe - only 3.75 inches tall. But unlike hand pipes, it allows you to enjoy water filtration wherever you go. The piece has a classic straight tube design for powerful rips, but you can boost filtration by dropping a couple of ice cubes in the notches. 

The stable round foot keeps the piece secure on a flat surface. It's equipped with a slitted downstem and comes with a male quartz banger with a 14.5mm male joint.  

Level up your on-the-go dabbing sessions with this insane rig - you just need to pick your favorite among the variety of "milky" colors.

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