Dopezilla Lil Lizard Beaker Base Bong

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The Lil Lizard is an interesting beaker water pipe. It's elegant, it's sturdy, it measures 10 inches tall, and it feels so good to use. Somehow, it feels just right. It's made entirely out of extremely durable borosilicate glass and is decorated with a couple of nice touches.

What you'll notice first is the mouthpiece - it's thick and surprisingly comfortable to use. Below it is a Dopezilla decal that dominates the neck. There's a Maria ring on the tube as well. A nice touch both visually and for extra comfort when handling. The base of the bong is colored and matches the bong's body beautifully. And you get to choose between black, blue, green, and pink variants.

The piece comes equipped with a slitted diffuser downstem and a herb bowl with a handle. A simple and elegant piece that will last you a long time - definitely worthy of your bong collection!

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