Dopezilla "Kraken" Glass Dab Rig Bubbler

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Sailors beware: The Kraken has arrived to wreak havoc on your deep-sea voyages. The 8" Kraken dab rig is from Dopezilla's new glass collection of 5 vile rigs. Each beastly rig is adorned with a monster. This great looking rig is named after a giant legendary cephalopod-like sea monster that terrorizes sailors. 

The Kraken looks a lot like the Dopezilla Basilisk because it's a clear glass upright-bubbler style rig. What makes the Kraken different is the hourglass shape of its body that spins and circulates the water. This unique shape also works like a splashguard to keep the water in the bubbler body where it belongs. 

The Kraken's vertical inline downstem is slightly off-center to give it a unique, dope look. Made from 5mm thick & durable borosilicate glass, this robust rig is adorned with a Kraken. It has matching color accents on the thick beaker base and the mouthpiece rim on the end of the bent neck

The Kraken's drum percolator ensures you get smooth, monstrous rips of flavor. The Dopezilla Kraken comes ready to use with a male 14.5mm quartz banger. 

Pick your favorite color from Clear/Teal and Clear/Black and get your tentacles around this Dopezilla dab rig. It's delivered in a custom box for easy storage. Happy sailing!

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