Dip Devices Evri Vaporizer Starter Pack

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EVRI by Dip Devices is a multi-functional vaporizer solution. EVRI features a battery that connects magnetically to continuously evolving attachments. These include the Vapor Tip Attachment, which allows consumption of concentrate directly from its container, 510/Pod Attachment, which has one side that connects to 510 cartridges and one that connects to refillable e-juice pods, and many more on the way. EVRI evolves with consumption. 1% of all EVRI sales donated to drug policy reform via MPP.org and SSDP.org.

NOTE: Cartridge and refillable pod are two sides of the same attachment. Cartridge pictured not included with attachment.

  • Vapor Tip, 510 Cartridge and Pod Compatible
  • Three Temperature Settings
  • Adjustable Controls
  • Easy Change Magnetic Attachments
  • Continuously Evolving Attachments
  • Fits Easily in Pocket or Purse

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