Diamond Glass Icon "Patronus" Domed Tree Perc Bong

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The Diamond Glass Icon Patronus is what you need if you're looking for a compact, take-anywhere bong that delivers smooth hits. This 9-inch bong uses both a jellyfish percolator and a honeycomb percolator to make your sessions smoothly satisfying. 

This simple straight body bong is made of thick and durable borosilicate glass. It features a wide thick bottom to ensure it stays stable when you're packing the 14mm male bowl with your favorite herbal strains.

It’s fitted with a fixed reinforced downstem for durability and a comfortable rimmed mouthpiece for your smoking enjoyment. The simplistic design makes this little bong a cinch to maintain and clean, which is something every smoker appreciates. 

Once you pack the bowl, light up, and take a draw, you'll love watching the bubbles stack up in the large chamber. The bong has a built-in splashguard to protect you from turbulent used filtration water. The double perc system ensures that the smoke you inhale is smooth and easy on your throat and lungs to make your seshes super enjoyable.

This is a great-looking, sturdy, and compact bong that makes the perfect travel companion. It comes in varying colors. Grab yours today. 

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