DabTech Duvo Smart Rig

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The Duvo Smart Rig by DabTech is a true representation of the next generation of dab rigs. This is a great looking portable rig that's designed with three atomizers, including a triple titanium coil that kicks out massive clouds of vapor while giving you total control over the temperature so you can enjoy your dabs any way you like. 

You'll never get a weird burnt taste when you dab with the Duvo because this rig is truly smart. It intelligently limits the heating level of the dish in both manual and automatic mode so your dabs are always flavorful and enjoyable.

Because it's powered by a big 3000mAh battery, you can enjoy those long dab seshes you like while on the road without worry. If you do run out of power, charging the unit up is quick and easy via USB-C charging.

The Duvo's aluminum alloy body is both rugged and durable while maintaining a sleek silhouette, effortlessly combining aesthetics with ease of use. 

The Duvo offers 4 temperature modes and comes with both a quartz and titanium bucket so you can decide if you want to enjoy big milky clouds of vapor or taste the terps. The Duvo is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to carry. Best of all, it's an affordable and awesome e-rig that's likely to exceed your expectations because frankly, this unit rips!

In the Box: 
1x Duvo Smart Rig
1x Boro Glass Mouthpiece Bubbler
1x Boro Glass Carb Cap and Lanyard 
1x Triple Titanium Coil 
2x Hearing Element Atomizer 
1x Titanium Bucket 
1x Quartz Bucket 
1x Silicone Container 
1x USB C Cable and Charging Brick 
1x Dab Tool 

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