D&J Grinders 2" Grinder with Built-In Permanent Match

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Never worry about losing your lighter again with this combination grinder and permanent match.

You may still be waiting to find your permanent match in your love life, but until then, this permanent match can help you spark up to take the pain away. 

The permanent match is built into the device, easily unsheathed from the body of the grinder like a knight charging into battle. The design ensures you will always be prepared for a sesh no matter what or where. 

At 2 inches, the 4-piece grinder is engineered with quality and precision, making it a grinder that's luxurious in its own right. With the added benefit of the included eternal flame, that makes this the grinder of the future-- and an essential smoking companion that will change the way you toke.

Lighter fluid sold separately, this item does not come pre-filled.

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