Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cone Blunt Wrap (2-Pack)

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Cyclones are one of the world's most popular pre-rolled cone brand. Traditional cyclones are made of tobacco; however, for those looking for a tobacco-free smoking experience, Cyclones offer clear cellulose cones. These clear cones are made from all-natural cotton cellulose and not only provide for a nicotine free sesh but you can see through them and that's just freakin' awesome. The clear cellulose Cyclones still burn even and slow making them unlike anything you've ever smoked!

  • All-Natural Clear Cotton Cellulose
  • Air Tight Tube, No Licking Needed
  • Rolled In Paper Tip
  • Several Flavors Available
  • Included Packing Tool
  • Cones/Pack: 2

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