Crud Bud Alcohol Filled Cotton Buds (30-Pack)

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Crud Bud products are perfect for keeping your pipes and accessories looking like new. These alchohol filled cotton buds are hassle-free and they clean and deodorize your pipes and accessories in seconds. Crud Bud Alcohol Filled Cotton Buds work with glass, metal, quartz, plastic, titanium, silicone or any other non-porous surfaces. Perfect for cleaning out bangers and electric dab rig coils. Containers each hold (30) cotton swabs with a 70% alcohol solution.

  • Alcohol Filled Cotton Buds
  • Cleans Glass, Metal, Silicone, Titanium, Quartz & More
  • Perfect for Pipes, Bowls, Dab Rigs, Bangers, Nails & More
  • Cleans and Deodorizes in Seconds
  • Earth-Friendly Materials
  • 70% Alcohol-Based Glass Cleaner
  • Pieces/Pack: 30

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