Crossing Core 2.0 E-Rig

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If you've been doing dabs for a while using a traditional dab rig, you know you must rely on combustion heat to get your bucket heated just right before you can enjoy a dab. Now you can set that old dab rig on a shelf and use the more convenient and efficient Crossing Core 2.0 E-Rig

The Core 2.0 is the latest portable e-rig from SZ Crossing. It’s an all-in-one rig you can use with a wide range of concentrates from the thinnest oils to your favorite solid shatters. There’s no guesswork involved with heating a bucket nor any flame to tinker with so toss that butane lighter in your junk drawer and reach for the easy-to-use Core 2.0! 

The Core 2.0 offers a solid portable build using the highest quality materials. It also offers a fully heated large capacity cup and vortex airflow. It also offers fully rebuildable atomizers so you only have to replace the heater and not the whole housing when it's time to make the switch. 

The Core 2.0 features one-button functionality for easy use and a fully heated high-polish ceramic vaping surface to ensure your hits are smoothly satisfying. With its 4 carefully-tuned heat settings and a 3150mAh battery, you can enjoy long customizable sessions using this portable electronic rig that rocks! 

The total session time for the Core 2.0 is an impressive 80 seconds, including the preheat time. Unlike the original Core, the 2.0 version runs V5 heaters only. The Core 2.0 also replaces the glass bubbler carb cap with an unbreakable aluminum cap and offers an upgraded stainless steel carb cap tube.

All in all, the Core 2.0 E-rig makes a great upgrade to a traditional dab rig.  Whether you’ve been enjoying dabs for years, are new to the game, or simply want an affordable, easy-to-use rig that does away with combustion heat, the Crossing Core 2.0 is a top pick! 

In the box: 

1x Core 2.0 e-rig base
1x Core bubbler 
1x Aluminum spinner carb cap 
1x Carb cap tether 
1x Silicone base cover/sleeve 
1x Atomizer with V5 heater installed 
1x Spare V5 heater 
4x Spare atomizer screws 
1x Screwdriver 
2x Spare carb cap tube o-rings 
1x wall plug 
1x USB-C charging cable 
Cotton swabs 
Alcohol wipes 
1x Carry case

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