Compton Grinders Medium Grinder

  • $34.50
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We've heard the same names in the grinder world for too long - and one of the newer brands that can stand side by side with the legends is Compton Grinders.

Offering impressive durability, function, and build quality at a great price, this grinder won't disappoint you. It's built with aircraft-grade aluminum and has four pieces, each designed to deliver a superior experience.

The large loading area features razor-sharp cutting blades which will shred even the stickiest nugs to a perfect consistency. The finest bits from your herb will fall through the stainless steel screen in the pollen chamber. The screen can be removed and the o-rings connecting the chambers ensure a smooth grinding action. Finally, the top is magnetized with super-strong rare-earth Neodymium. 

The grinder is made in the USA and measures 2.5 inches in diameter. Available in multiple color options.

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