Cloud 8 Chromium Alloy Gold Grinder - 4-Piece

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Prepping your herb for a smoke sesh by picking it apart using your fingers is old school stuff. This Cloud 8 Grinder made of chromium alloy makes the process easy and seamless.

This great-looking gold grinder consists of 4-pieces. It has a magnetic lid to keep your herb secure, a durable pollen screen, and a kief collector chamber at the bottom for collecting all that luscious dusty goodness for later use. The grinder comes with a mini scraper to ensure you can enjoy every last bit of your ground herbs. 

This grinder measures 2" x 2" making it pocket-friendly and ready for travel. The grinder looks fantastic with its gold finish and the sharp teeth will serve you for many years as they produce perfectly ground herb with just a few twists from you! 

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