Clipper "Leaves 10" Lighter

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Clipper Lighters are a money saver, nature saver and safe for you. Clipper's tank provides double gas capacity than a low quality lighter and they are refillable with an unlimited lifespan. Clippers will save you money; it costs 90% less to refill a lighter rather than buying a new one. The majority of Clipper's components are made of recycled materials. In addition, isobutane burns cleaner and is much safer than low quality lighters which have low quality and smelly butane. Clipper lighters are made of a super resistant material that won't break or explode like cheap lighters and the exclusive pre-set flame valve avoids burning risks. Clipper flints are not only replaceable but incorporate the best and most exclusive child resistant system of any lighter.

Clipper lighters are available in hundreds of fun, unique styles so everyone can find one perfect for them. The Clipper flint can be removed and used as a poker tool for your pre-roll or bowl. If you haven't tried a Clipper lighter yet, now's your chance. Once you go Clipper, you never go back.

  • Available in Hundreds of Unique Designs
  • Refillable Butane Lighter
  • Replaceable Flint
  • Unlimited Lifespan
  • Removable Poker Tool
  • Saves You Money
  • Complies to and Exceeds ISO9994
  • Contain Only Top Quality Isobutane Gas
  • Won't Break or Explode Like Cheap Lighters
  • Double Fuel Capacity than Cheap Lighters

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