Cliixx Magnetic Glass Filter Tips

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Introducing the world's first ever two-piece glass magnetic filter tips, Cliixx, brought to you by Social Smoking. Cliixx provides consumers with an easy and convenient way to help prevent the spread of germs while sharing roll your own products such as joints, pre-rolls, blunts and more.

Cliixx consists of two magnetic pieces that easily snap together - the crown and the tip. The crown can be rolling into your joint or blunt or can be used as a holder for pre-rolled items. Next, attach the magnetic tip/mouthpiece and enjoy your favorite roll your own products. When you're ready to share it with a friend, give them the other tip and remove yours from the crown. Pass it over and never worry about spreading unwanted germs again.

Each Cliixx tip and crown have built in pinch filters. These filters prevent unwanted debris from flying into your mouth and ruining your sesh. When you're done, store them in the included carrying tube until you're ready to roll up another. With Cliixx magnetic tips, it makes it even easier to puff, puff, pass.

  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Magnetic Two-Piece Design
  • Built in Ash Catcher Pinches
  • Includes (1) Crown and (2) Tips
  • Available in 10mm or 12mm Diameter
  • Prevents Spread of Germs
Brand Social Smoking
Material Borosilicate Glass
Crown Length 1.25"
Tip Length 1.25"
Diameter 10mm or 12mm

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