Chill Steel Pipes Mix & Match Series Water Pipe

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You'll be the coolest kid on the block when you own a Mix & Match Series Water Pipe by Chill Steel Pipes. This is the world's first stainless steel, vacuum-insulated smoking device that can handle the everyday rigors of life while keeping your bong water cold for hours. With two patents to its name, there's nothing else out there quite like the Chill. 

This bong's patented double-wall vacuum-insulated construction creates a shield that prevents heat from penetrating. This means your hits are always icy cold and gentle on your throat and lungs. And you can enjoy those frosty cool rips all day long with this amazing pipe that's virtually indestructible thanks to its rock solid stainless steel construction. 

The patented ceramic interior hits and cleans like glass. When it's time to clean your Chill bong, just unscrew the neckpiece and do the work! The Chill is designed to work with most water pipe components which means you can mix and match your favorite percs, bowls, ashcatchers, and other accessories to build a bong to your liking. 

The amazing Chill Steel is a modular bong that stands 13-inches tall put together. It comes with a 8.5-in long neckpiece and an unbreakable and removable aluminum downstem you can screw apart to add or subtract pieces to change its length. There's a silicone gasket between the neck and the base and on the downstem joint to create a tight seal.  Also included is a 14.5mm male herb bowl made of durable borosilicate glass. 

The Chill Steel Pipes Mix & Match Series Water Pipe is available in six fabulous color choices. Regardless of which one you pick, your new bong is backed by a Chill lifetime guarantee. Because this water pipe is a part of a series of different colors and prints, all bases and neckpieces in the Mix & Match Series can be mixed and matched however you like! 


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