Chill Steel Pipes Classic Stainless Steel Water Pipe

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Super cool smooth hits are the name of the game with the Classic Stainless Steel Water Pipe by Chill Pipes. This 13-inch tall beaker-style bong is virtually unbreakable and features a patented, vacuum-insulated stainless steel base and a 8.5-inch tall neckpiece. 

The vacuum-insulated base is engineered to keep your water ice-cold for up to 12 hours. The base is made with solid stainless steel and a ceramic interior. The neckpiece is interchangeable which means you can customize your bong using any of Steel Pipe's neckpieces that come in an assortment of amazing colors and designs. 

The Classic Stainless Steel is equipped with a 14.5mm female joint. It comes with an unbreakable aluminum downstem and a 14.5mm male herb bowl made of thick and durable boro glass. This pipe is seriously robust and a piece you can use anywhere or under any circumstances without worrying it will break. 

The Chill Classic Stainless Steel is a modular bong that's easy to assemble. Simply attach the neckpiece to the base and insert the downstem and bowl. Because it's modular, this pipe is a cinch to clean and keep looking and working like new. 

If you're tired of broken glass bongs and want super cool hits, this pipe is as good as it gets! The super slick and cool Chill Classic Stainless Steel Water Pipe comes with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee. 

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