Cheech & Chong "Jade East" Mini Rig Dabber

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The impressive-looking Jade East is one of the two concentrate rigs in the Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke water pipe collection created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Up in Smoke movie. 

The Jade East is a sturdy and durable 7.25-inch rig handcrafted from thick borosilicate glass. With its seamless construction and Up in Smoke emblem that includes Cheech & Chong's famous van with a wisp of rising smoke, this is a real standout piece. 

When you smoke your concentrates from this Cheech & Chong water pipe, the bubbly vapor travels from the premium 14.5mm dome & quartz nail through the sleek arched downstem where it's diffused through two tiers of percolation. The vapor then travels to the comfortable flared mouthpiece to deliver cool and smooth flavor that will blow you away. 

There are two knob-shaped pinch handles on the female dome for easy lifting. With its compact size, sturdiness, and durability, the Jade East is a go-anywhere piece for enjoying dab seshes with friends. 

The Jade East clear glass rig has matching colored accents on the round base, dome handles, and mouthpiece rim. It's available in an array of amazing colors and is packaged in a special collector's box with rope handles. Pick your favorite color and get yours while supplies last.

Note: This item now ships with a dome and nail, not a quartz banger as pictured.

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