Cheech & Chong "Big Green Van" Dab Rig

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The Big Green Van Glass Dab Rig was created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the hit stoner movie Up in Smoke starring Cheech & Chong. This is an incredible 10-inch rig that's handcrafted from the best quality borosilicate glass

The Big Green Van will blow you away every time you use it. This Cheech & Chong water pipe comes with both a quartz banger and a glass herb bowl so you can smoke your favorite extracts and herbs from one thoughtfully designed rig. 

This dual-purpose rig features a beautiful and highly functional chandelier percolator. This perc works to diffuse the smoke so you get a cool hit every time. 

This is a sturdy, durable, totally legit water pipe that's decorated with a Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke movie decal. The clear glass rig has eye-catching colored accents on the rim of the bent mouthpiece, the handle of the glass herb bowl, and on the 4.5" wide round base

Big Green Van is packaged in an exclusive 40th anniversary collectors box. It's available in three awesome colors: Black, Green, and Purple. Don't wait man. Get yours before they're gone and have a nice day. 

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