Cheech & Chong Official Beaker Bong

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Since the 1970s, Cheech and Chong have been America's favorite stoner duo. You can celebrate the 40th anniversary of the lovable icons' hit movie Up in Smoke with this Famous X Cheech and Chong Beaker

Made from thick, handblown borosilicate glass, this is a sturdy 12-inch water pipe that can take a bit of rough handling. It's designed to help you get the most enjoyment out of your favorite dry herb strains.

The clear glass bong has official Up in Smoke graphics on the beaker base featuring Cheech & Chong and plumes of rising smoke on the bong's wide straight tube. This striking piece is fitted with an 18.8mm ground joint and comes with an 18.8mm > 14.5mm removable downstem with slitted inline perc. 

When you take a hit from this beaker bong, the smoke is diffused and filtered in the slitted perc before it travels up the straight tube and into the rimmed mouthpiece. This Cheech and Chong bong will blow you away with its smooth and satisfying rips. You can use the built-in splashguard as an ice rest to make your hits cool and frosty. 

To make this piece really stand out, there are black glass accents on the bowl and the mouthpiece rim that match the black graphics on the bong's side.

The Famous X Cheech and Chong Beaker is the ideal water pipe for group seshes with its great looks and excellent functionality. Get yours today.

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