Chameleon Glass Rainbow Splat Spoon Hand Pipe

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The Rainbow Splat Glass Pipe is a riff on several of our Chameleon's most popular pieces. Chameleon Glass took the Irie! and the Reggae Sunsplash pipes, put them in a room together for the weekend and when they got to work on Monday, they had a new arrival! Six colors, dragged through each other to create what appears to be a fork spiral tie dye. Keep an eye out more base colors and more spiral colors to come…just like from your favorite tie dye artist!

  • Vibrant Rainbow and Retro Splat Designs
  • Available on Several Colors
  • Classic Spoon Shape
  • Made in the USA
  • Length: 4.5"

NOTE: This is an individually handcrafted art piece. Exact details, sizes, decals and/or patterns may vary slightly.

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