Chameleon Glass Ashcatcher Gandalf Pipe

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The Ashcatcher Series from Chameleon Glass is so named due to the indented mouthpiece and has been one of Chameleon's most popular series since 2002. By indenting the mouthpiece, anything heavier than air (ash, particulate or any solids) is pulled down by the natural effect of gravity, misses the mouthpiece hole and is deflected further downward to collect at the base of the indent.

Then, add the long, sweeping shape of our Gandalf Glass Pipe to an already awesomely functional mouthpiece. No, a Gandalf doesn’t require you to have a beard, but it sure looks good with one! The Gandalf Ash Catcher Glass Pipe is designed as a throwback to the classic pipe style, this piece has a long drop, which gives a little extra cooling space for your smoke. Close your eyes, flick your lighter, and light up like you’re in the Shire.

  • Ashcatcher Series
  • Indented Mouthpiece Acts as Ash Catcher
  • Fumed, Color Changing Glass
  • Gandalf Style Pipe
  • Extra Cool Smoking Experience
  • Made in the USA
  • Length: 9"

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