BRNT Designs Ceramic Hexagon Water Pipe

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BRNT, a company known for their exceptional product design and bespoke cannabis accessories brings you Hexagon. This bong is inspired by the angular forms and intersecting places of Daniel Libeskind’s architecture. Much like his beautiful buildings, this bong is destined to be displayed.

Standing at a height of 9.5 inches, this geometric, functional bong provides a super smooth hit. The ergonomic design fits with the curve of your hands and the removable 14mm male bowl allows you to pack a phenomenal amount of flower. The 18.8-14.4mm diffused downstem is held in place with a silicone seal, which is easily removed when it comes time to clean. The opaque, ceramic material blends seamlessly into any contemporary design aesthetic and is available in the masterfully minimalistic colors of black, white and red.

Easily keep it clean by first draining water and removing the bowl and downstem, then either place bong on bottom rack of the dishwasher or use 99% alcohol to remove resin and finish it off with a soapy water rinse. Clean accessories with the 99% alcohol (and pipe cleaners!) as well. Allow bong to fully dry before next use.

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