Celebration Pipes Gold Plated Hand Pipe

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If you're a serious smoker who's looking for an amazing hand pipe that's one-of-a-kind, take a close look at this Purple Haze Finish pipe by Celebration Pipes. Like all Celebration pipes, this 5.5-inch beauty is handcrafted from LAVASTONEWARE which is a unique compound that helps dissipate heat and cool the burning bowl

When this beautiful hand pipe was crafted and fired to over 2,350 degrees Fahrenheit, the bowl was gold plated in 22k genuine gold. This gold plating ensures that the bowl will reflect heat and completely burn what you put inside it to smoke. 

The Purple Finish Celebration Pipe you order will be signed and sent to you encased in a velvet and satin handmade pouch for safekeeping. It will also include a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist in a gift box that's perfect for gift-giving if you don't decide to keep the pipe yourself.

Don't hesitate on this beauty. You deserve this absolutely gorgeous handcrafted pipe that's like no other on earth. Order yours today and become one of the proud owners of a unique, one-of-a-kind Celebration Pipe made in USA! 

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