Roast & Toast "Canna Mom" Ceramic Pipe Mug

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Perk up your morning routine & show your support for CannaMoms with this Roast & Toast Ceramic Pipe Mug. This great-looking mug is crafted from ceramic and features a standard coffee cup that can hold approximately 10.5 ounces of your favorite blend. 

This white mug has a built-in pipe where you can pack your favorite dry herb in the bowl and light up. The smoke filters up the hollow handle to the mouthpiece on the top of the mug handle. There's even a carb hole on the pipe so you can control the size and intensity of your hits. 

The front of this dual-purpose mug is decorated with a 'Canna Mom' decal. CannaMoms is a group of passionate mothers who tirelessly inform the public of the medicinal benefits of cannabis while advocating for more effective and less harmful options for the treatment of children with critical illnesses. 

This mug makes a great gift for anyone who likes to start their day with a proper 'wake and bake'. Grab yours while supplies last. 

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