Calibear Straight Fab Torus Dab Rig

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Dab in style with the Straight Fab Torus Rig by Calibear. This is a strikingly beautiful dab rig made of glass that stands 9 inches tall. It's equipped with a 14.5mm female joint, a reinforced fixed downstem, and a decorative perc to smooth your rips. The bent neck looks great and makes the rig comfortable to use and handle. 

The flared mouthpiece at the end of the bent neck forms a tight seal with your lips so you'll always enjoy robust hits. The rig is supported by a thick round base for added stability. There are matching color accents throughout this clear glass rig for an added  nice touch of class. 

This concentrate rig is just the right size for enjoying dabs while you're chillin' on your couch, and its compact size makes it perfect for travel. Included with the Straight Fab Torus is a 14.5mm male banger with an angled top. 

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